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Just because you’re outnumbered doesn’t mean you’re beaten! That’s one of three lasting lesson from the experience of Rhodesia. The former British colony declared Independence from Britain when the Labour government decided to hand the place over to Marxist African terrorists. For 15 years, the young men of the tiny European population of under 300,000 waged a heroic Bush War against the Soviet-backed insurgents.


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The Europeans were just over four percent of the population, although many Africans also served loyally in the fight against Communist terror. The Rhodesian Army was never beaten.

But, after 15 years of fighting, and with the whole world (except for South Africa) against them, the Rhodesians were defeated by two things. And here are the other lessons to remember:

That, when it comes to stabbing patriots in the back, the British Conservative party is FAR worse than the Labour party. It was Margaret Thatcher who betrayed Rhodesia, forcing the white minority to accept Communist rule, and condemning white and black Rhodesians alike to see their country collapse in squalor and violence as ‘Zimbabwe’.

And, finally, it must be remembered that the thing that made it impossible for the settlers to hold on to Rhodesia was DEMOGRAPHY – there simply weren’t enough of them to hold their own in the long run.

That is the same problem that will doom any attempt to salvage an independent Boer statelet from the ongoing train-crash that is South Africa.

Conversely, it the the reason why the indigenous peoples of European nations such as Britain, France and Germany actually have no reason to be pessimistic about the final outcome of the coming immigration/Islamisation disaster in Western Europe. Yes, in many places, they are going to be a minority in their own homelands; but they will be very large minorities.

And if 300,000 Europeans could hold out as just 4% of the population for 15 years until they were stabbed in the back by the Tories, then several hundred million native Europeans will have no problem fighting and winning the coming Resistance and Reconquista of Christendom. All they need to do is to stop putting their faith in ‘conservatives’ (Brexit anyone?!), start having children, and decide to stand up and fight for what is theirs!

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