Western Propaganda Promotes Homosexuality and Cannibalism

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Western Propaganda Promotes Homosexuality and Cannibalism

We all know that “the world has gone mad”. Or rather, ‘our’ world – the world dominated by liberal atheists and cultural Marxists - has gone mad.

You see it in things such as the media presenting perverts dressed as women encouraging four year olds to be homosexual as something virtuous. You see it when academics are touting cannibalism as a handy way of dealing with ‘over-population’ and fighting climate change.

Perhaps we see it so much that even we get desensitised and miss the full dreadfulness of the end phase of liberal decadence.

This video, however, gives a refreshingly healthy take on it all, as the people of newly re-Christianised Russia look at the insanity being forced on us and recoil in horror.


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