Who Is Behind Islamist Terror?

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Who Is Behind Islamist Terror?

Which Middle Eastern nation is behind ISIS and Al Qaeda terror? The answer is simple: Not Iran, but SAUDI ARABIA.

It was Saudi Arabia that supplied the ‘foot-soldiers’ for 9/11. It is Saudi Arabia that exports its official religion – Sunni Wahhabism – around the world to supply the ideology that all the terrorists share. And it’s Saudi Arabia that has bought so much media power that few Western politicians dare to point the finger of blame where it really belongs.

It was Saudi Arabia which worked closely with Barack Obama to arm and fund the Islamist armies which brought terror and the brutal persecution of Christians to Syria and Iraq.

The fact that Christianity has survived in both war-torn countries is thanks to the Syrian Army, the Russian airforce and pro-Iranian militias, which united to crush the Islamist terrorist head-cutters. Donald Trump should be thanking Iran for its part in the fight AGAINST Islamist terrorism, not spreading liberal and neo-con fake news by blaming the Iranians for Saudi-sponsored terror.

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