World War Three – why the West cannot win

If full-scale war comes, here’s the bottom line: Homogeneous Russia, China and Iran can survive devastation, whereas the fractured societies of the urban USA and key Nato allies such as Britain, France and Germany would fall apart in devastating rioting and looting if someone simply turned the lights out for a couple of nights.

If Nato destroyed the entire military of Russia, Russia would survive as a Christian nation and unite against the external enemy.
Even before that point, if Trump and his ‘advisors’ start a shooting war which doesn’t go nuclear, the social rot of liberalism, hedonism and ‘gender’, mean that the soft, spoiled, Godless populations of the West will not accept more than a few thousand body bags before they lose the will to fight.
Russians, by contrast, already know what total war means. Unlike the gung-ho liberals of the West, they have a strong folk memory of its horrors. They hate war, but they are ready to fight it until the bitter end.
The suicidal West has lost World War Three before it even starts! Liberalism is doomed if it comes to war. The politicians who start the war are doomed. And THAT is some consolation!

Russian song: The End of the War. Over 20 million dead, but Russia won…

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