“Be Colonised – Or Fight! Stark Warning On Islamisation

“Be Colonised – Or Fight! Stark Warning On Islamisation

"All our problems are worsened by Islam. It is a double jeopardy.... Will young French people be willing to live as a minority on the land of their ancestors? If so, they deserve to be colonized. If not, they will have to fight.”

This was the message of the keynote speaker at a "Convention of the Right" that took place in Paris last month. The event was organised by Marion Marechal Le Pen, a former member of French parliament and now director of France's Institute of Social, Economic and Political Sciences. The aim of the convention was to unite France's splintered right-wing.

In his keynote speech, the journalist Éric Zemmour harshly criticised the Islamisation of France. He described the country's "no-go zones" (Zones Urbaines Sensibles; Sensitive Urban Zones) as "foreign enclaves" in French territory.

Meanwhile. pollster Jerome Fourquet, in his recent book, The French Archipelago, points out that France today is a country where Muslims and non-Muslims live in separate societies "hostile to each other".

Fourquet also emphasizes that a growing number of Muslims living in France say they want to live according sharia law and place sharia law above French law. Fourquet notes that 26% of French Muslims born in France want to obey only Sharia; for French Muslims born abroad, the figure rises to 46%.