‘Herod Law’ Passed By Tricks & Threats

‘Herod Law’ Passed By Tricks & Threats

The ‘Herod Law’ that opens the door for the mass slaughter of innocent babies in Northern Ireland was only passed “through political chicanery and legal threats”, a left-wing feminist has sensationally admitted.


Writing in Spiked, the influential online magazine founded and run by former members of the Revolutionary Communist Party, Ella Whelan admitted that the new law was not the will of the people.

“Northern Ireland’s law was not changed through a victorious campaign mandated by popular support, but through political chicanery and legal threats. It was imposed from Westminster on a supposedly devolved parliament,” she admitted.

Whelan’s article, entitled “Abortion in Northern Ireland: this is just the beginning”, went on to call for a continued campaign of agitation to build support for the opening of abortuaries in the Province.

Many pro-life campaigners are now looking to switch their efforts from arguing over the law to finding ways to stop the creation and promotion of the mechanics of the planned slaughter.

One thing is certain – neither the Protestant nor traditional Catholic opponents of abortion in Northern Ireland are going to surrender to the push by Westminster liberals and their Marxist Sinn Fein allies to legalise child murder.