“Propaganda For Kids” – Just WHO Is REALLY GUILTY?

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“Propaganda For Kids” – Just WHO Is REALLY GUILTY?

Masha and the Bear is a cartoon series for children. Without any advertising budget or known name, it’s become hugely popular, both on YouTube and Netflix. Christian parents appreciate it too, because little Masha and her Bear friend only have wholesome, traditional adventures.


There’s only one problem….

Masha is Russian and so, of course, is the loveable Bear. This, and the absence of propaganda plugs for homosexuality, multiculturalism, immigration, gender theory or climate change, is driving liberals mad!

So much so that the show has recently been attacked by a succession of liberal and EU politicians for being “Russian propaganda”, with the Bear symbolising Russia and – much more hysterical – feisty little Masha ‘representing Vladimir Putin’.

This “traditionalist Russians under beds” conspiracy theory goes on to whine about how the show promotes traditional values and alleges it’s therefore aimed at ‘brainswashing children’.

Whoa! Hold on a moment! This sounds like a SERIOUS case of Freudian projection to us! Because, if you want to see kids’ programmes that aim to brainwash children, the place to look is the liberals’favourite, Disney.

Compare and contrast the two, and see for yourself. Then, having done so, join us in spreading the word about Masha and the Bear to parents and young children everywhere. Disney these days is pure poison, Masha & the Bear is the best antidote we’ve seen in ages!

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