‘White Genocide’ All Too Real – Bloomberg

‘White Genocide’ All Too Real – Bloomberg

The liberal fake news media have spent years calling the idea that white people are being replaced by mass immigration a “conspiracy theory” – but now Bloomberg has confirmed that it’s true. 

An article in the oft-quoted news outlet has confirmed that the process is already striking home in American politics:

“The number of white working-class Americans dropped below 40% of the population for the first time last year, reflecting demographic shifts that could pose a challenge for President Donald Trump’s election in 2020.

“White Americans without a four-year college represented 71% of the population in 1975. Their decline as a share of the population is expected to continue and they will no longer be the largest demographic group by 2034, according to a blog post Tuesday from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

“There’s no single cause for the decline. More Americans are seeking a college education, and leading causes of death — including the opioid epidemic, alcoholism and suicide — are hitting working-class whites hardest. And birth rates for whites are slowing compared with nonwhites.”

So the next time some self-hating liberal tells you that the ‘Great Replacement’ is a ‘far-right conspiracy theory’ – there’s the ammunition you need to shoot their lie down in flames!