A Saint for An Era of Madness

A Saint for An Era of Madness

We live in utterly mad times. Pornography is free speech. A baby is a choice. Marriage is between two men or two women. A man can become a woman simply by wishing it, smearing on some lipstick and wearing a dress. A woman can become a man. Parents teach their young children that they were born the wrong sex and push them to take hormones that wreck their natural bodies. Whole nations turn a blind eye while vast numbers of young girls are gang-raped by predatory migrants. The media promote images of little boys dressed as hookers on 'gay pride' parades, blatantly being groomed for sodomites.

Truly, we live in an era of sex-related madness and sexual abuse. 

The fact that you are visiting our site suggests you already know this, but did you know that there is a dedicated patron saint for all who are sexually abused or mentally ill?


St. Dymphna, the daughter of a minor king named Damon, lived in Ireland during the seventh century. After Dymphna consecrated herself to Christ at age fourteen, following the faith of her mother, Dymphna’s mother died and left Damon literally mad with grief.

The king’s sorrow led to mental collapse, and as he sought a wife of equal beauty, his pagan counselors suggested he wed Dymphna, who bore a striking resemblance to her mother. In his madness, Damon pursued his daughter, who fled with her preist and guardian, Father Gerebran, to what is today Belgium. There she used money she had taken with her to build a hospital for the poor. Unfortunately, Damon tracked her down, slew Gerebran and, finding Dymphna still resisted his unnatural advances, slashed off his daughter’s head.

As a result, St. Dymphna is now the patron saint for people who suffer from mental disorders, sexual assault, and anxiety. She is more needed now than ever!