Abortion Banned Across Much of USA

Abortion Banned Across Much of USA

A pro-life wave is sweeping over the United States! Across 2,000 miles, from the Texas border to West Virginia, abortion is effectively abolished in America.

A block of 10 states that includes most of the South, along with a handful of other states, like the Dakotas and Idaho, have banned abortion at all stages of pregnancy with limited exceptions.

These 14 states accounted for around 110,000 abortions before the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in the historic Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case. But since Dobbs, their abortion numbers have dropped to around zero — somewhere below 10 per month, according to recent estimates. Abortion facilities in their borders have shut down by the dozens, and the few that remain have stopped abortions.

Birth data already indicates that the laws are saving lives, including in Texas, where births spiked 4.7 percent last year, and a growing number of reports show that women are choosing life in states with bans, often assisted by pro-life pregnancy centers.

Other states may soon start enforcing strong pro-life laws, with near-total abortion bans being litigated in Arizona, Indiana, Utah, and Wyoming, where more than 23,000 abortions occurred in 2019.

Another five states accounting for nearly 140,000 abortions have at least passed heartbeat laws, which prohibit abortion at around six weeks and have been shown to reduce abortions by more than 60%. Georgia’s heartbeat law has stopped about 2,100 monthly abortions since taking effect last year.

Dobbs has also allowed an avalanche of other previously blocked pro-life protections to come into effect, like parental consent measures, dismemberment abortion bans, fetal burial laws, and protections for babies with Down syndrome.

State laws could ultimately wipe out a staggering 200,000 abortions or more every year.

Around 25 million women of reproductive age — two in five nationally — now live in states with bans throughout pregnancy or at six weeks, and abortion will likely be out of reach for many them. While abortion is expected to remain legal in Democrat-controlled states for the foreseeable future, women in states with strict pro-life laws typically live hundreds of miles further from the nearest abortion facility then they did before Dobbs, and traveling out of state can cost thousands of dollars.