Abortion is Child Sacrifice Says Archbishop

Abortion is Child Sacrifice Says Archbishop

Legal abortion represents the return of the barbaric practice of human child sacrifice to America’s “hedonistic” culture, Archbishop Joseph Naumann of the Diocese of Kansas City, Kansas, declared in an op-ed on Friday.

Writing in The Leaven, the archdiocese’s official newspaper, Naumann begins by recounting the Genesis story of God’s angel stopping Abraham from killing his child, a seminal lesson in moving ancient civilization away from the human sacrifices so prevalent in pagan fertility cults, “mak[ing] clear that the one, true God does not desire human sacrifice, but abhors it.”

Despite the common assumption that modern, enlightened societies have long since evolved beyond such barbarism, however, “child sacrifice” has returned in the form of abortion, this time driven not by idolization of fertility but tied to secular materialism’s hostility to fertility.

Naumann cites the recent example of Kansas voters rejecting the “Value Them Both” amendment last year, which would not have prohibited any abortions, but rather clarified that the Kansas Constitution “does not require government funding of abortion and does not create or secure a right to abortion,” thereby correcting a 2019 ruling by the Kansas Supreme Court forbidding voters and legislature from deciding the issue.

As a result, he shares, the “most recent abortion statistics from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment” show that “Kansas now is a Midwest abortion destination state. Overall, abortions in Kansas increased by 57%. Abortions performed on minor girls increased by 49%. Chemical abortions, which are dangerous for the physical, mental and spiritual health of women and lethal for the unborn child, increased by 38%. Abortions on out-of-state residents more than doubled, increasing by a whopping 117%.”