Abortion til Birth Push by WHO Ghouls

Abortion til Birth Push by WHO Ghouls

The anti-human depopulation agenda of the global elite has been revealed again by the latest push by the World Health Organisation for worldwide abortion up until birth. The body which played such as massive and destructive role in the promotion of the Covid scamdemic has just issued its most strident demand yet for the legalisation of the murder of babies for any reason, including their being the 'wrong' sex.

Encouraging the selective slaughter of little girls is, needless to say, the most ruthless but also effective way possible to advance the global elite's plan to slash population.

The WHO's radical demands - such as calling for abortion on demand right up to birth and allowing sex-selective terminations - are driven by hardened abortion campaigners and enjoy virtually no support from the general public – and women in particular.

A recent survey for the BBC by pollster Savanta ComRes showed only one per cent of British women supported introducing abortion right through to birth. Indeed, 70 per cent of UK women believe the current gestation time limit of 24 weeks is too late and should be reduced. The most popular time limit among women is 12 weeks.

But the World Health Organisation is not going to take any notice either of the right to life or of public opinion. Its agenda is being shaped by abort-for-profit companies. These not only get paid for every abortion they carry out, but also make even more profits by selling the 'harvested' body parts of their tiny victims. The WHO's advisory panel includes numerous individuals who work for major abortion providers or lobby groups, including two of the largest abortion providers in the world – MSI Reproductive Choices (formerly Marie Stopes International) and Planned Parenthood. 

Its new and even more extreme set of abortion guidelines has been written, to all intents and purposes, by the abortion industry. 


Editor's note: I wanted to illustrate this article with a picture of an unborn baby sucking his or her (for that is the only choice) thumb. But a search for "baby sucking thumb in womb" drew a blank. So I switched to the dehumanised, pro-abortion term "foetus/fetus sucking thumb" instead. Once again, the search engine found nothing.

What does this tell us? It is another reminder of the 24/7, Soros-funded, 1984-style image curation operation operation to remove images that portray people and causes of whom the liberals disapprove. The abortion lobby know that ultrasound pictures showing the sheer perfection of unborn children are - along with the gut-wrenching images of the broken bodies of abortion victims - the most powerful arguments against their bloody trade. So they are confined to the Memory Hole in a never-ending cycle of checks and deletions by a small army of censors. I ask you to take a moment, right now, to show your opposition to such manipulation of public opinion by sharing this story, right now. Thank you for caring!