After School Satanism in PA

After School Satanism in PA

Day by day, the entire West is sinking into an abyss of degeneracy, sin and literal Satanism. The latest example comes from Northern York County, Pennsylvania. School District officials there have just approved an “After School Satan” event.

The chool officials “approved a one-time use (the night of Sept. 24) of the high school auditorium, provided the temple pays $1,260, which the district said covers the cost of renting, cleaning and securing the facility and using its technology.” 

 The shock move comes after the school board voted down a proposal to host a satanic club on campus last spring. An April 19 school board meeting drew significant opposition to the Satanic Temple club. 

A friar at Franciscan University of Steubenville told The College Fix that parents must do anything in their power to stop these groups from entering schools. Fr. Daniel Klimek said that parents should use “every nonviolent means they can to protest such programs.” “Parents also need to realize that they are involved in a spiritual battle and, thus, in addition to these practical means of protest, they need to pray and fast against such programs,” he said.

Klimek added that parents should pray and fast “for the protection of their children, and for the conversion of these Satanists, as well as the school administrators who are considering these programs.”

Lucien Greaves, the co-founder of the Satanic Temple which sponsors the club, says he is “going to litigate against [the district] for not allowing the after-school Satan club.”

“Our after-school club was going to focus on critical thinking, science and that kind of thing,”  Greaves, told ABC 27.

“We view Satan metaphorically,” Greaves said. “It’s not up to the school board to say they’re going to allow a Christian club and not allow a Hindu club or the after-school Satan club.”