Alt-Right Couple Engaged to Be Married!

Both banned from Britain for ‘Thought Crime’, Generation Identity leader Martin Sellner and popular Alt-Right vlogger Brittany Pettibone have just got engaged! The welcome announcement was made by Martin Sellner, who posted this lovely photo of the couple and their engagement ring together with the simple message: “She said Yes!”

Mr Sellner is facing insanely extreme liberal political persecution in his native Austria, where he and other GI leaders have been hit with charges actually designed to stop criminal racketeering. It’s great to see the young couple confident about their future together and committed to each other.

The KTI has been very critical of much of the so-called Alt-Right, in particular for the tendency of people preaching traditionalism while themselves living or lauding thoroughly decadent liberal lifestyles, and making money out of outrage about the ‘Great Replacement’ while remaining single and childless.

So we are delighted to take this opportunity to congratulate Martin and Brittany for setting a wonderful example to their many thousands of young followers. We hope very much that they will follow up their engagement with a prompt wedding and, God willing, the appearance of the first of a whole tribe of Little Sellners! Good luck and best wishes.

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