Am I The Only One?

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Am I The Only One?

The liberals HATE it! It's been going viral ever since April, and rock legend Aaron Lewis' song 'Am I The Only One' is now topping the country charts. 

In the song, Lewis takes a swipe at liberal Bruce Springsteen. He asks if he’s the only one who cares about historical statues being ripped down in the United States. He also quips that he feels he’s “turning into my old man” and wonders if he’s the only one screaming at his TV about how much America is changing.

Obviously he isn't, or his song wouldn't have become so hugely popular. You probably already know it, but please pass this on, and help keep this great song in the public's collective head. The left hate it so much precisely because they understand the immense power of music to shape popular opinion and form people's views.



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