Another Video to Promote Online

Another Video to Promote Online

The Doomsday Clock has NEVER been CLOSER to Midnight! The globalist criminals who wrecked our lives for two years with their wretched Great Reset 'Covid Plague' hoax are at it again - but this time they're shaping up not just to ruin us even further with the mother of all energy price shocks, but to get us all KILLED!

The relentless atrocity propaganda our of Ukraine has already brought us to the brink of a direct shooting war between liberal Nato and traditional Russia, and the situation is getting worse by the day. This really could be the End Times.

Part of the problem is the fact that the public have lost the understanding that everyone had during the old Cold War of just how terrible nuclear war would be. The controlled System media are deliberately avoiding any mention of this, because they don't want to do anything that would hit the popular willingness to accept not just shattering economic and financial pain, but also the prospect of all-out war. 

Si here is another video clip for you to take and use to make a stand for sanity and for peace. If all our regular viewers simply spend 10 minutes today posting the link to this video on social media channels, including in the comments of accounts of the many virtue-signalling fools using #IStandWithUkraine, then together we can have a real impact in terms of reminding the public that nuclear war is so unthinkable that sabre-rattling and warmongering are criminal folly. Thanks for doing your bit #IStand4Peace