Another Wonderful Knighting Ceremony

Another Wonderful Knighting Ceremony

The third and final Templar Knighting Ceremony of 2023 took place at the weekend. The largest group of the year enjoyed the same combination of deeply-moving rituals, comradeship, Christian worship, fine dining and historic sight-seeing.

Honoured guests from the USA, Canada, Hungary, Sweden and England visited ancient monasteries, the grave of St. Patrick and one of Northern Ireland's best heritage parks.

The highlight of the extended weekend, of course, was the Knighting Ceremony itself. This is a profound and very private affair so we never publish videos or photos of it, but we will be sharing pictures and clips from this wonderful event over the next few days, including on Tuesday's Templar Report on

We hope to announce the dates for the first Knighting Ceremony of 2024 well before the end of this year, and are also looking at the possibility of running a 'Knights and Dames Reunion Event' on an annual basis as well. Watch out for more information in due course.

For now, we take this opportunity to wish 'safe onward journeys for those of our new brethren still on their long ways home. God speed!