Over 74 million Americans just voted for an anti-Christian new world under Biden-Harris

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Over 74 million Americans just voted for an anti-Christian new world under Biden-Harris

Current polling data shows that 74,446,452 Americans voted for Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their anti-human, anti-life platform, revealing disturbing truths about a huge segment of the U.S. population.

Over 74 million Americans just voted to:

  • Support abortion and infanticide under any circumstance;
  • Smash religious liberty via the Equality Act; 
  • Prosecute the Little Sisters of the Poor, and any other Christian organization or person of faith seeking to follow their consciences;
  • Make “transgender rights” the number one civil rights issue of our time;
  • Mandate face masks across the nation interminably, keeping government’s boot on the neck of the economy; 
  • Allow minors as young as eight years old to choose dangerous hormone treatments to treat childhood and adolescent gender dysphoria without parental approval and despite parental objections: A temporary measure leading to a lifetime of pain and regret;   
  • Deny counseling for anyone with unwanted same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria; 
  • Squash the fossil fuel industry, tossing up to ten million people out of work, and ending affordable transportation and energy for all but elites;
  • Open the borders, creating a tsunami of illegal immigration.

Whether or not the number is off by even a few million, around 70 million Americans still pulled the lever for Biden-Harris. 

If Biden and Harris prevail in the race for the White House, brace yourself for a horrifying fundamental transformation of America, with Christian faith and morals in the crosshairs.


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