"It's for your health" - Australian police slam protester headfirst into ground

"It's for your health" - Australian police slam protester headfirst into ground

Australia:  A conduct investigation is reportedly underway after a video circulating widely on social media showed police in Melbourne brutally assault a man by slamming his skull into the hard floor of a railway station.

Police allegedly confronted the man last Wednesday after he participated in protests against the harsh measures enacted during the city’s sixth lockdown.

The incident, which immediately went viral on social media, took place at Flinders Station, a railway station in Melbourne, the capital city of Australia’s state of Victoria.

In the video, police officers are seen speaking with a man who appears to be calmly answering questions. Another officer then rapidly moves into the frame and, seemingly without provocation, seizes the man from behind and throws him to the ground.

The sound of the man’s skull hitting the floor can be heard in the recording.

“This poor guy was calm, he was just talking to the police, you can see it in the video then he gets thrown to the ground,” the caption on the original video read.

The man was reportedly rendered unconscious by the assault.

The witness who filmed the incident told news.com.au “when he woke up he was calling for his mum.”

‘We are all very disturbed by this and I’ve been inundated with people worldwide wanting to know if this man is alright,” the witness said, adding that “[w]e understand the paramedics looked at him but not sure what happened after that.”

The man’s current condition remains unknown.