BBC Licence Fee Crash

BBC Licence Fee Crash

Financial hard times plus an overdose of woke propaganda are fuelling a massive public revolt against the BBC Licence Fee. The hated tax - the most common reason for women being imprisoned in the UK - is in growing trouble as more and more people discover you can avoid it simply by switching to subscription-only TV services.
Millions of Britons have stopped paying for their BBC licence fees, with people refusing to stump up £159 for the broadcaster's live channels and streaming service.
Nearly three million people have filled in the declaration that they are no longer willing to pay the annual charge as they have no intention of watching television channels or live programming.
New numbers have revealed a picture of developing discontent among fee payers, with 3.83 million people having refused to pay the sum, an increase of 360,000 over the last 12 months.

The latest numbers show the millions of Britons who feel they are not liable to pay for a licence - which is required for watching or recording live TV on television channels or streaming services.

With fewer people feeling they have to pay up, TV Licensing (TVL), the body responsible for selling licences and collecting fees, has noted a sales decline.

In 2022, the organisation sold 23.50 million new licences, 420,000 fewer than the previous year. The decline is speeding up, but please do your bit to help by reposting this report and telling even more people how easy it is for Brits to stop funding the most dangerous anti-British propaganda operation on the Planet!