Beaten up for enjoying Christmas dinner in France

Beaten up for enjoying Christmas dinner in France

A 20-year-old Muslim son of a police officer was beaten up by a gang of five other Muslims for enjoying a Christmas dinner with his family in France.

The man was enjoying a meal of oysters and prawns at his family home in Belfort when he shared an image of the feast on Snapchat.

A contact replied to the images, allegedly calling the victim a 'dirty son of white people', a 'son of a snake' and a 'son of police officers'.  

The person - who he knew since childhood - then allegedly threatened to show the victim 'what it is to be a real Arab' and the pair arranged to meet at a nearby car park.

But the victim was ambushed by five people who left his face 'bloody and his body covered in bruises' in a brutal attack, local media reports.

Three people have since been arrested following a police probe with the main suspect reportedly telling officers it was 'not Muslim to celebrate Christmas' and the picture of the victim's food left him 'shocked'.