Behind the Convoy - ORGANISATION!

Behind the Convoy - ORGANISATION!

Here's the stunning truth about the Canadian Freedom Convoy that is enthusing freedom-lovers all over the world. The Fake News Media are still trying to rubbish the protest as an effort by a gaggle of red-neck bigots, but the reality is that the operation is an extraordinarily sophisticated and well-organised challenge to Trudeau and the global elite for whom he is a such a willing and repulsive puppet. 

This is a translation from the French Catholic-Nationalist website Jeune Nation - our grateful thanks to them for this fascinating and very heartening information.

Read carefully. An organization, discipline and exemplary calm to be reproduced all over the world:

1)  The people organizing this event obviously have experience and serious training in logistics. You don't get such a result by making a few guys jump into their chests to leave in the night.

2)  They have made it known that they intend to stay and the Ottawa police have indicated that they are ready to let them stay. How could they have organized a large group of people to camp in their truck cabs for weeks or months without preparing thoroughly to meet their needs? Answer: The trucks we saw driving on the Trans-Canada Highway with trailers were not driving empty. They were filled with provisions.

3) They are incredibly disciplined in their messages, in a way and with a level of intelligence that I have never seen in my life from any protest organizer. They knew exactly what to expect from provincial, federal and municipal governments. They knew what to expect in detail from the media and agitators/counter-protesters, as well as people brought into the crowd to stir up trouble, and they implemented a well-coordinated, clearly communicated and strictly applied to face it, which absolutely excludes any direct personal confrontation; as soon as a suspicious presence is identified, genuine protesters create a cordon around it, a space that isolates this person, and ONE designated contact calls the member of the Ottawa Police designated as liaison. We saw this method work with the guy who was the only person there with a balaclava covering his entire face, and carrying the Confederate flag.

4)  I have been told that the truckers arrived with food, communication, medical supplies and other types of survival supplies, in a method identical to that used in war zones by peacekeepers Canadians who supplied the besieged cities during the Balkan wars, among others. In other words, we can see here what Canadian military logistics operations looked like in Sarajevo and Mostar…

5)  They “blocked” the center of the city of Ottawa, but it was not done haphazardly. They did this in close coordination with the Ottawa City Police to ensure there was – 1 – space for emergency rescue vehicles to continue to operate – 2 – space for very large groups of people on foot to continue to congregate, meet, talk and walk together. Nor is it a coincidence.

6)  They made sure to respond to criticism proactively. When naysayers started screaming that someone had flagged the Terry Fox statue, they made sure there was a video of clearly identifiable truck-driving protesters carefully cleaning the statue, and that video became viral. 

7)  They are incredibly accurate in their messaging, responding instantly and transparently to accusations, never seeking to apologize. The organizers have at the same time maintained a strict discipline in terms of communication, not granting interviews to the institutional media, while remaining visible in a personal capacity to people on the ground, and carefully choosing their own media outlets: cf . @glennbeck 

8)  They well anticipated any possible attempt to silence them through the police, anticipating the attacks. With the City of Ottawa police force ridiculously small, busloads of reservists were brought in from Toronto. Then they just stood there doing nothing… So when the truckers saw that the police had a ridiculously long way to go to the toilet, they moved a portable toilet to make it available to them. Yesterday we learned that someone had offered hay for the police horses. This hay was brought in the trucks – so they knew they would need it.

9)  All of this leads me to believe that - 1 - this operation was meticulously planned by professionally trained logistics experts, but that's the kind of training you can't get in the private sector - the people running this operation are ex-military - and - 2 - they have a bigger plan than just park a bunch of trucks along Wellington Street doing #HonkHonk, and have a street party for a weekend. They brought enough supplies to be there for weeks. They set up canteens and services in the streets that were blocked off. These are people who really know what they are doing. 
They only talk to people they choose to talk to. One of them was Glenn Beck: “Everyone is fed up. And
they don't just want to talk about Canada…

There's no longer any doubt in my mind that the fact that #freedomconvoy2022 went global in one and the same week is no coincidence.

10)  If the trucks are already rolling in Australia, there is no way it was on a whim. Australia's summer is just as logistically challenging as the Canadian prairies in winter. We don't do such a thing off the cuff...

11) The last point is that memes are the key. It all sounds like some kind of prank, and a damn good prank at that. It reminds me of that old college engineer joke of leaving a running Volkswagen Beetle in the dean's office (or as it happened in real life, the time the UBC engineering department hanging a VW Beetle from the Lionsgate Bridge in Vancouver). I think the only country in the world where such a thing could have been invented is Canada, knowing exactly how it would be taken by the rest of the world. The reactions of astonishment at the fact that “placid” and “peaceful” Canadians finally broke down and launched into this frankly hilarious response, which filled the world with hope, like a ray of sunshine piercing the smoke of Mordor , IS precisely THE MESSAGE. Canadians are, in fact, the only people in the world to have so deeply rooted in their national character the ability to laugh at themselves, their leaders and their own suffering, that they could roll back the darkness of hell by laughing. Memes are a very important part of the protest – and many are realizing that the dark nightmare they were in – the deep sense of hopelessness that enslaved the ENTIRE WORLD for two years, has suddenly begun to dissipate. We wake up from a nightmare and remember that the world is good, that the people are strong and free, that the bitter sadness of the Upside Down does not match the world given to us by God, and that we don't have to live there. We can just say no.

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