Church bells to ring after 40 years of silence

Church bells to ring after 40 years of silence

After 40 years of silence, church bells in Nottinghamshire, UK, are finally set to ring again.

Following careful repairs, the bells at St Mary's Church in Car Colston are expected to join in the Ring for the King over the coronation weekend. One of the bells dates back to the 1480s.

Due to its age, it hasn’t been re-tuned; instead, the other bells have been adjusted to fit in tune with their elder.

The bells were blessed before they were returned to their rightful home, ready to sing out again in the coming weeks.

Rev Ruth Colby told BBC News: "Now we're welcoming them back, not just the original four but two additional bells," she said.

"We'll have a fabulous ring of six bells to welcome the faithful to worship."

However, you can’t ring bells without bellringers. A team of volunteers has been recruited in time for the May festivities, training at other churches in the area.

Their return is part of a £180,000 renovation; the money has been secured through tireless fundraising by the community and grants awarded by charities.