Brave Pastor Wins Landmark Court Case

Brave Pastor Wins Landmark Court Case

A brave English pastor has won a huge court victory after being persecuted for a measured and honest post on Twitter. Keith Waters had posted the simple truth: 

"A reminder that Christians should not support or attend LGBTQ “Pride Month” events held in June. They promote a culture and encourage activities that are contrary to Christian faith and morals. They are especially harmful to children."

The comments was condemned as homophobic and triggered a vicious backlash, including a campaign of harassment by LGBTQ+ fanatics. At one point, undertakers arrived at Mr Waters’ home to ‘discuss his funeral’.

Keith was forced out of his caretaker job at a primary school over the tweet. Isle of Ely Primary School in Ely, Cambridgeshire, began an investigation but the married father-of-one resigned three weeks after the tweet – a day before he was due to face a disciplinary hearing. 

But now Cambridge Employment Tribunal has ruled he was the victim of indirect discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief

Offensive or shocking beliefs can be acceptable in a democratic society, an employment judge said yesterday, as she ruled a pastor was discriminated against for his views about gay Pride events.

Judge Sarah King said a ‘widely shared belief demands particular care before it can be condemned as being not worthy of respect in a democratic society’. She added: ‘Beliefs which are offensive, shocking or even disturbing to others can still be protected.’

After the ruling, 55-year-old evangelical Pastor Waters said it was ‘an important win for our freedom to speak the truth of the gospel without fear of losing our jobs’. 

He added: ‘I took legal action, not because I wanted to sue the school but because what happens to me goes to the heart of what it means to be free to preach the gospel in the UK.’

Compensation will be determined at a later date.