BREXIT – “Never, in the field of British history, have so Many been BETRAYED by so Few”

BREXIT – “Never, in the field of British history, have so Many been BETRAYED by so Few”

The KTI social media network played a very significant part in mobilising the Brexit vote. During the Referendum campaign we were delivering upwards of 70 million pieces of pro-Brexit publicity to British voters every week on Facebook. So some people were surprised when, immediately after the stunning victory, we warned that the ruling elite would not allow Brexit to happen but would find a way to frustrate the will of the British people. Now, sadly, everyone can see we were right!


Remainer May and her majority Remainer government have produced a ‘Brexit deal’ so bad that no-one with a brain even regards it as Brexit at all, while the Parliamentary Opposition has now seized control of what happens if MPs reject that ‘deal’ – in which case the overwhelmingly pro-Remain Commons and Lords will unite to impose a second referendum.

In the three years that will have elapsed since the first one by the time the second vote would be held, some 1.8 million Brits will have died, while another 800,000 or so will have emigrated. The large majority in both categories would have been Brexit voters.

At the same time, around 2 million young people will have joined the electoral register – a large majority of them indoctrinated with Remain views by middle class liberal teachers. Thus demographic change alone guarantees that a second referendum would overturn the result; although it would leave around 15 million Brexit voters – plus quite a few who voted Remain but who respect democracy – feeling bitterly betrayed and alienated from the political process.

On top of that, the effective shutdown of Facebook as a medium for spreading non-elite political views and information means that the incredible machine that we and many other Brexit supporters used to enormous effect during the Referendum now simply no longer exists. The Facebook Purge of non-PC voices has destroyed the power of grass-roots activists and citizens to inform the public and spread alternative news.

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The Commons vote to take control in the event of their rejecting May’s “Remain in all but name” ‘deal’ means that the only other choice is a second referendum and a reversal of the vote and the decision. There is now no chance of Britain ‘crashing’ to independence through a ‘no deal’ Brexit (which, despite the drivel pumped out by the Remainer’s Project Fear, would turn out to be as ‘dangerous’ as the Y2K Millennial Bug.

Either way, the British people and their massive vote for freedom have been stitched up like a kipper.

What will happen further down the line is anyone’s guess. Such a grotesque act of elite treachery and arrogance will shatter the integrity of British democracy and erode what’s left of public trust in the political class.

On June 23, 2016, 17.4 million people voted in the referendum to leave the EU. It was the biggest mandate in the history of the UK, and the turnout of 72 per cent was the largest since the 1992 general election.

And at the 2017 general election 85 per cent of the vote went to parties who promised to honour the referendum result.

Yet now, in their vanity and arrogance, many of those very same MPs are hell-bent on riding roughshod over the will of the British people in general and the taxpaying working class in particular. Could there be a worse breach of faith?