Britain’s Climate Change Mad Elite

Britain’s Climate Change Mad Elite

It’s not so much ‘fake news’ as a fake religion, but the globalist fantasy of man-made climate change is driving the entire British political and media elite literally mad. And what’s happening in Britain and most of Europe will grip the USA too as soon as the Beltway elite and their leftist allies get rid of Donald Trump.


Both of the UK’s long-term parties of government have in the last 24 hours given graphic insights into how their addiction to the climate change hoax has caused them to lose all contact with the real worl and the normal people who live in it.

Brits could work for just 10 hours a week and face pay cuts of up to 75 per cent under a radical scheme to stop the patriarchal carbon dioxide demon in the sky from raping Mother Earth, being discussed by Labour.

The report by the Autonomy think-tank called for ‘rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society’ to cut carbon emissions, including dramatically limiting how long people spend at work.

Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said of the document: ‘This is a vital contribution to the growing debate around free time and reducing the working week.’

 The document, called The Ecological Limits of Work, was savaged by critics who said its suggestions would wreck the economy.

Brandon Lewis MP, Conservative Party Chairman, told The Sun: ‘The reality is this policy would slash people’s earnings and hammer the economy.

‘It could mean businesses having to cut jobs and wages. People could be left out of work and workers would take home less in their pay packet each month.

‘But while Tory MPs are happy to seize this opportunity to score points against Labour, all but two of them vote for the Climate Change Act, which is already costing British taxpayers around £18 Billion every year.

And Theresa May is now locked in a row with Philip Hammond after he warned her plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 will cost the country a staggering  £1 trillion.

The Prime Minister is expected to put the insane target into law in the next few weeks as one of her final acts before she leaves No 10.

The Liberals and Greens, who now hold enormous power at EU level, are even more climate-change crazy that Labour and the Tories, so even if Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party took a firm stand against the madness, they and their voters will still be in the minority.

So it seems that nothing will stop the climate change fantasy of power hungry globalists and greedy carbon profiteers like Al Gore and Price Charles from wrecking the economy on a scale that will make the catastrophic old dogmas of Communism look positively efficient and sane by comparison.

Americans should watch and learn, because the Democrats are every bit asas caught up in this dangerous nonsense as the political elite on the east of the Atlantic, while much of the Republican establishment has also sold out to the carbon profiteers and globalists. This isn’t going to end well!