British Soldiers Hand Back Medals

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British Soldiers Hand Back Medals

Three brave military veterans have posted their medals to the Prime Minister and her Cabinet in disgust at the grotesque decision to prosecute a former paratrooper over Bloody Sunday.


Corporal Jim Kenyon, Captain Steve Garwood and ex-SAS Sergeant Major Mark Billingham have all sent their Northern Ireland medals to Downing Street.

Their letters included 23 white feathers – one for each member of the Cabinet – saying they represent ‘cowardice’ in the face of the enemy. Mr Kenyon said other veterans have contacted him to say they will also be handing back their medals in protest.

Northern Ireland’s Public Prosecution Service announced last month that one veteran, known as ‘Soldier F’, would be prosecuted over two murders and four attempted murders allegedly committed in Londonderry on Bloody Sunday almost 50 years ago.

Hundreds of convicted terrorists including the IRA and loyalist paramilitararies, were given an amnesty and will never face justice for their crimes.

Mr Kenyon, 49, who signed up to the Parachute Regiment in 1985 and served one tour of Northern Ireland, said: ‘Soldier F being prosecuted 47 years after Bloody Sunday is a disgrace.

‘I believe he is a scapegoat for former government failures. The Government has an opportunity to stand up and do what is right and stop this prosecution.

‘Three of us have sent our medals back and other veterans have contacted me saying they are going to send back their medals.’

The veterans handed in their own medals along with 20 miniatures used on mess dress that they bought. Mr Kenyon, who is a former Mayor of Hereford, said: ‘The politicians have let us down. The Armed Forces should have had an amnesty.’

They included 23 white feathers – one for each member of the Cabinet – saying they represent ‘cowardice’ in the face of the enemy.
There again, perhaps that bit is slightly wrong. Perhaps the political elite ARE the enemy?!


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