British State At War With Its Own People

British State At War With Its Own People

While Islamist terror groups continue to threaten murderous violence on the streets of Britain, the country’s security services are wasting their time persecuting teenagers who dare to state the simple fact that mass immigration has changed the face of Britain, and who further suggest that people who want to preserve their own ethnic heritage (whatever race they belong to) should marry their own kind.

Such common sense and Bible-true beliefs are now enough to get pupils rewportedd to the police by leftist teachers and to have them subjected to brainwashing programmes by the political police.

More than half of the pupils who are being put through the Prevent deradicalisation programme are now ‘far-Right extremists’ with such views.

The scheme, which was originally devised to combat Islamic extremism, has dealt with hundreds of ‘far-Right’ students in the past year, according to Home Office figures.

It means that for the first time, such cases have overtaken those of Islamic extremists in Britain’s schools and colleges.

In 2017-18, there were 2,426 Prevent referrals from schools and colleges for extremism made by concerned teachers and staff about students.

Of those, 922, or 38 per cent, were for Islamic extremism while 576, or 23 per cent, were for ‘far-Right’ ones.

However, the vast majority of these referrals were looked at and dismissed by Government Prevent officers as ‘false’.

Only those that are deemed to be genuine are ‘discussed at Panel level’ by Prevent officers, meaning they become cases.

There were 490 cases discussed at Panel level from schools and colleges, of which 219, or 44 per cent, were for ‘far-Right extremism’ and 183, or 37 per cent, were for Islamic ones.

Of the 165 pupils subjected to the reprogramming courses, 91, or 55 per cent, were far-Right extremist students, and 57, or 34 per cent, were Islamic extremist cases. In 2016-17, Islamic extremism referrals in schools and colleges were higher than Right-wing ones, at 56 per cent compared with 32 per cent.

This phrase describes the ‘far-Right’ observation that Britain’s racial map is changing irrevocably with more immigration, and advocates that white British people must live and marry their own kind, while black and Asian Britons should do likewise.

Such views are, of course, shared by literally millions of normal people. Under this crazed 21st century liberal totalitarianism, some of the most respected politicians of the 20th century, from the founders of the Labour Party through Winston Churchill and Enoch Powell would have been deemed candidates for forcible ‘re-education’.

The liberal British state is now openly at war against human nature, its own history and its own people. This will not end well!