Catholic Land Goes For Abortion Mill in Dublin

Catholic Land Goes For Abortion Mill in Dublin

Mainstream liberal bishops in Ireland are keeping a cowardly silence over the gift of €200 million worth of land to a pro-abortion hospital group.  

A new 'hospital' to be built on the formerly Catholic site will perform abortions and sex-change operations. 

The Religious Sisters of Charity resigned their directorships and officially handed over their €200 million ($208 million U.S.) worth of shares in St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group for a token €1 on April 28th. The new secular owners, St. Vincent’s Holdings CLG, are hell-bent on ridding the current hospital campus of any lingering Catholic influence.  

Under the control of the new ‘Catholic-free’ hospital board, abortions, IVF, sterilizations and “gender-affirming therapies” will take place on land and in wards where generations of religious medics upheld the highest standards at the time in healthcare.  

The Vatican is also implicated in this grotesque betrayal of the faithful donors who years ago gave the Religious Sisters the bequests which they are now so carelessly handing over to the dark side. The Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life authorised the transfer of ownership – the congregation had to be petitioned because the assets are worth well over the €3.5 million threshold requiring Rome’s seal of approval. 

If the church's Judas priests and nuns thought the act would earn them Brownie Points with the liberal elite, they were sorely mistaken. Various liberal leftist politicians and media outlets have spent the last few weeks squealing about possible ways in which the Religious Sisters may be scheming to impose restrictions on the new owners in order to stop them turning part of the hospital into an abortion mill. Sadly, no such effort was made, or even ever intended. The Vatican Catholic church's surrender to modernism and the evil behind it is total.

There are dissidents, of course. These include the Dominicans, the FSSP, the Institute of Christ the King, other new orders, many faithful diocesan priests, and even brave seminarians still fighting the good fight in Maynooth. And, praise God, these all continue to grow, even as the official Vatican operation withers on its blasted vine. Deus Vult!