Check Under Your Bed for Russians!

Check Under Your Bed for Russians!

The Russian invasion force must be at the gates of Kiev by now! The 150,000 troops who make up 60% of Russia's million-strong regular army (that's MSM maths, not ours!) are motoring along with snow on their boots, singing merrily as they crush Kalashnikov-wielding grannies beneath their tank treads. They're probably throwing Ukrainian babies in the air and catching them on their bayonets.Or perhaps firing off their Weapons of Mass Destruction. Or gassing civilians with barrel-bombs dropped from helicopters. Or turning tattooed prisoners into lampshades. Those Russians are so sneaky and ruthless that they may even have gone further than invading Ukraine - as we were assured they were going to do at 3 a.m. this morning. Really, you should check under your bed to make sure there's not a Russian soldier already there!

Or perhaps they're not. Because the whole 'Russian invasion' scare was never anything more than a piece of hysterical warmongering fantasy. Perhaps 'our' ruling elite, having spent two years lying ceaselessly about a fake deadly plague to enrich their friends in Big Pharma, simply switched to lying about fake invasions to enrich their friends in the Military-Industrial Complex. Perhaps they were never really worried about Russia - except in as far as the completion of the Nordstream2 gas pipeline would see a peaceful Russia and Germany co-operating and challenging the Washington/Wall Street axis of real evil with has dominated the world for far too long.

What is certain this morning is that the liberal Nato propagandists and politicians and media outlets that hung on their every word have large amounts of egg on their faces today.  In a fiery statement yesterday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova poured scorn on weeks of reports and claims from US and European officials that Moscow’s armed forces were just hours away from launching a strike against its neighbor.

“15 February 2022 will go down in history as the day Western war propaganda failed,” she wrote. According to her, the Nato propaganda campaign has been “shamed and destroyed without firing a single shot.”

At the same time, Moscow’s Ministry of Defense announced that a number of Russian troops had finished their training exercises in Belarus, close to the Ukrainian border, and will begin the process of withdrawing.

The White House’s national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, had told CNN over the weekend that “sources” and “gathered intelligence” suggested “major military action” could “begin any day now.” He said that this included the coming week before the end of the Olympic games. The 'intelligence' was repeated as gospel by the same MSM outlets which also swallowed and regurgitated two years of Covid fear porn.

On top of the humiliation of the non-invasion, the Biden regime has also just revealed another truly shocking intelligence failure. Speaking in a briefing on Monday, defense spokesman John Kirby expressed alarm at the increasingly close collaboration between Beijing and Moscow in the face of mounting Nato pressure.

“We certainly have been watching the – at least public – burgeoning relationship between Russia and China. Their February 4 joint statement certainly provided further evidence that China has decided that they’re going to stand alongside Russia with respect to what’s going on in Europe,” Kirby said. “We would say that their tacit support, if you will, for Russia is deeply alarming.”

This points to a staggering level of incompetence among the people supposedly in charge. They've spent years now poking and goading both Russia and China. Together with George Soros, they've tried regime change coloured revolutions not just in Ukraine and Belarus but in Russia itself. And they've done the same thing in China and Hong Kong. In recent months they've sent entire fleets and vast amounts of war materiel to the borders of these two powerful and ancient nations, and they ceaselessly lecture them on how wicked they are for refusing to allow LGBTQ+ fanatics to march through their streets and to prey upon their children.

And now, all of a sudden, they're surprised that such pressure, hostility and insults has only succeeded in pushing them into a firm defensive and economic alliance! Is there really no end to the incompetence and stupidity of the Biden regime and its hangers-on?