Christian Activists Shut Down Transgender Clinic

Christian Activists Shut Down Transgender Clinic

The most notorious “transgender clinic” for children in the southwest United States, the GENECIS (GENder Education and Care, Interdisciplinary Support) Clinic at Dallas Children’s Hospital in Dallas announced it is closing and that the hospital will stop giving “transgender” treatments to children. The hospital has taken down the clinic’s web page. (You can see it as it appeared in April 2020 here.)

The hospital announced last month that it will continue to offer “diagnosis, including evaluation of gender dysphoria” for children, but will no longer provide puberty suppression and cross-sex hormone treatments to children.

This a big victory for the pro-family movement. It follows months of intense activism and pressure by Texas MassResistance, and others, on the hospital, the Texas Legislature, and the Governor.



The campaign really started in November 2020, when the GENECIS clinic becomes known to pro-family groups due to the infamous James Younger case. A court was allowing the mother of 8-year-old James to begin “transitioning” to a girl against his father’s strong objections. The father was informed that this was to begin at the GENECIS clinic in Dallas, Texas. MassResistance began planning a series of protests.

In March this year,Texas MassResistance activists began protesting at GENECIS clinic. At times, several police cars came to disperse the protesters, but they refused to leave and the police ultimately backed down and allowed them to stay until they were finished. Months more of demonstrations followed, together with embarrassing revelations about GOP politicians receiving big donations from the gender-bending industry.

The November announcement of the closure of the clinic is a heartening reminder that sustained and intelligent pressure by Christian campaigners can bear fruit. Congratulations to all concerned!