Christian Mum Defies Trans Bullies

Christian Mum Defies Trans Bullies

Caroline Farrow is getting used to attempts to silence her rational, Christian criticism of the ludicrous claim that 'gender is fluid' and that men can become women. Earlier this month, she was arrested in her home in front of her children and body searched after police swooped on her house over a series of 'malicious' online posts.

The vicar's wife and mother-of-five, took to Twitter to detail her experience with Surrey Police after two police officers forced their way into her home to arrest her. She was in the middle of preparing a roast dinner for her priest husband Robin and five children on Sunday, two police officers are said to have demanded she join them for an interview under caution.

Frustrated by her refusal to bow to this official intimidation, the trans bullies have now taken to social media in order to whip up hatred against her. The latest new is that they threatened to picket her parish church during Mass! Holy Angels Church serves the parish of Ash, near Aldershot.

Mrs Farrow is reported to be aiming to bring a legal action to try to block the intimidation and harassment. We wish her well with that, but also hope that some young Christian men in south east England will take it upon themselves to gather discretely near the church and watch out for the trans thugs who are threatening the Farrows and the congregation. They should be chided for their intolerance and very politely encouraged to leave.