Christianity Rises From The Ashes

Christianity Rises From The Ashes

As the persecution of Bible-true Christians grows in the ever-more decadent and twisted ‘West’, believers should console themselves with knowledge of how decades of truly unspeakable persecution of our faith by the Communist rulers of Russia has now been radically reversed.

These two videos tell a great deal about this inspirational story. The first gives an overview of the remarkable restoration and expansion of Christianity under Vladimir Putin (which should give you a clue as to why he is so hated, an lied about, in the thoroughly anti-Christian fake news media in the USA and Britain).

The second gives an outline of the murderous pressure applied to Christians under the Bolshevik regime.

The ideological heirs (and in many cases the literal descendants) of the Bolsheviks who tortured Russia are, of course, now hugely powerful in the USA. Persecution of Believers is coming in the West, make no mistake. But also have faith that, however bad it gets, the end result will be the revival of true Christianity. IT can only be thus. Deus Vult!