Christians Mourn Death of Iranian General

Christians Mourn Death of Iranian General

Christian congregations all over the Middle East prayed and wept during Sunday services as they mourned the death of Qasem Soleimani in last week’s US airstrike.

Christians in Iraq and Syria in particular see the Iranian general as the single most important figure after Presidents Assad and Putin in their salvation from ISIS. They certainly are not taken in by the disgusting lies and hatred of the West’s fake news mass media.

Unlike millions of Joe Sixpacks in the USA (and Britain) the Christians of the Middle East understand that the General, like Iran as a whole, was a Shia Muslim. As such he was the mortal enemy of the Saudi-backed Sunni Muslim terrorists who are the ones who have murdered the untold thousands of people whose deaths the Lying Press and – shamefully – President Trump, falsely tried to blame on Soleimani.

When ISIS, with all their Obama-Clinton-supplied weapons, was on the brink of taking Baghdad, the General was shuttled in as a supervisor, uniting  Shi'ite militias to embrace the fight of their lives. In Syria, Soleimani led non-sectarian battle groups of Muslims and Christians to drive out the barbarians Israel and America had unleashed on their country.

About the only truth that the Lying Press have told about General Soleimani is that, over many years, he was indeed heavily involved in various attacks on US forces occupying Lebanon and Iraq. We understand that the knee-jerk reaction of ordinary American patriots is that this made him an enemy who deserved to be killed.

If he had struck American soldiers in Fort Worth, that would be absolutely right. But those troops weren’t in America, defending America’s soil and interests. They had invaded other peoples’ countries, in order to help Big Oil companies steal their resources and to punish them for standing up to Israel’s long-running expropriation and oppression of Palestinians – Christians as well as Muslims.

If foreign soldiers were on American soil, every US patriot would acknowledge the right of American resistance fighters to drive them out by any means necessary. Quite right too! So why the double standards? The idea that American taxes and young US soldiers should be thrown away in an insane war with Iran because some greedy American mercenary got killed while helping the Washington Deep State interfere in Iraq is as ridiculous as it is dangerous.

At this point, hot war appears to be inevitable. The correct position for American patriots on the elite’s war on Iran is not to fall into line and volunteer their taxes, sons and daughters for a conflict that has nothing to do with them. The real enemies of the American people are not Iran, Iraq, the Russians or the Chinese. The real enemies of America are the corrupt, greedy Washington/Wall Street elites.

The real struggle should be in America, for American freedom and identity. There is only one genuinely patriotic slogan for Americans contemplating their sons and daughters dodging bullets and IEDs in Zionist wars thousands of miles from home: “Bring Em Home!”