Christians Protest Houston Black Mass

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Christians Protest Houston Black Mass

“This is something big,” said one Catholic protester, “I‘ve never seen anything like this before!” And, indeed, despite the short notice, the Christian demonstration against a blasphemous Black Mass in Houston was huge.


Near the site of the blasphemy,  protesters just kept coming and coming. Soon they lined the sidewalk and spread out along the street until they appeared like an overwhelming force of nearly 150 prayer warriors. A statue of Our Lady of Fatima presided as the queen of the event.  The Satanists were drastically outnumbered.

“We seemed to be hundreds,” said one participant. “I felt the special protection of heaven as we prayed.”

At Houston’s Brash Brewery, pro-abortion Satanists of the Satanic Temple joined with the brewery to co-sponsor an “evening with the beast,” which ended with a public Black Mass. The promoters made every effort to offend promising “excellent blasphemy” and a new line of “Black Masses” beer.

The Satanic event was designed to offend Christians. The Satanic Temple’s Houston branch tweeted that a consecrated host was “defiled, destroyed and swept into the trash where it belongs.” The organizers sold 50 so-called “Cult” tickets for $666, which gave the purchaser admission to the Black Mass and a black robe for the ritual.

We commend the organisers of the Christian protest but have to ask: Would Jesus have prayed and help up placards? Or made and used a scourge?

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