Christians Protest UN Abortion Holocaust

Christians Protest UN Abortion Holocaust

Christian activists are mobilising to protest against a forthcoming United Nations Conference that aims to make abortion an ‘unregulate human right’.

The meeting to mark the 25th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD25) will take place November 12-14 in Nairobi, Kenya. This is where 10,000 abortionists will make their pitch to member states of the United Nations, asking them to support abortion worldwide as an unregulated human right and to grant free access to abortion as a part of universal healthcare coverage.

The agenda of this conference does not represent the spirit of African culture, which is predominantly pro-life, and the Constitution of Kenya, which declares life begins at conception and unborn babies deserve the right to life. Africans are being blackmailed: if you want development aid, you have to embrace abortion and homosexuality.. Considering that 87% of Kenyans are against abortion and 90% of Kenyans do not support same-sex marriage, the President of Kenya is under growing pressure to withdraw his support from the conference.

The twelve commitments of ICPD in the official Programme of Action include:

  • Abortion as a human right. 
  • Free access to abortion and contraception, including for children
  • Sex education in the classroom
  • Promoting gender theory and exclusive rights to the LGBT community.

The ICPD25 gets even more disturbing as you dig under the surface. Conference organisers have invited the Chinese government to speak about their forced abortion policy as a means to promote a sustainable society. And this is the body that left-wing pressure groups are using the climate apocalypse hoax to promote as the future One World Government!