Welsh First Minister shows naked contempt for farmers

Welsh First Minister shows naked contempt for farmers

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford stands accused of 'naked contempt' for farmers after video emerged of him apparently mocking protesters during a visit to Rhyl.

The Labour politician appeared to say hundreds who turned up at a visit to a college in north Wales had 'nothing better to do', in footage published by the local newspaper.

As many as 200 people flocked to Coleg Llandrillo today, as part of a long-running row over changes to post-Brexit farm subsidies.

The Rhyl Journal later published footage showing Mr Drakeford, who steps down in three weeks, discussing the protest inside. After being asked if it was ''nice to get past the tractors', he seemed to be heard replying: 'Nothing better to do, apparently.'

Wales has been struck by a series of protests by farmers over Labour's plans for a replacement for EU subsidy schemes, which involve them planting trees on 10 per cent of their land in exchange for handouts.

Drakeford was unrepentant at First Minister's Questions in the Senedd in a clash with Mr Davies, saying: 'I think it's important that I remind the leader of the opposition why we are in the position that we are in: it's because farmers in Wales took his advice and voted to leave the European Union...

'Believe me, we are in the position that we are in today because we have taken back control of farming support in Wales, as we were obliged to do. If farmers in Wales were still able to have access to the funds that were available through the European Union, they would be in a very different position than they are having heard and followed his advice.'

Labour's anti-farmer policies will destroy agricultural communities in Wales, and will do the same to England if Keir Starmer ever gets the keys to Number 10.