Cops Target Covid Resisters in Knifedge Germany

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Cops Target Covid Resisters in Knifedge Germany

Videos out of Germany show bullying covid cops on a knife edge as public anger over their strong-arm tactics threatens to boil over.

Merkel's Darth Vadar helmetted stormtroops seem to have free rein to push the protesters around, but watch this video carefully and you'll see how the police are badly outnumbered and frequently huddle together in defensive groups. They are in fact only able to operate at all because the huge crowds are still just about willing to let them get away with their thuggish arrests of individuals who stand out from the crowd.

Quite frankly, only one thing has stopped the police already getting a good hiding - the average age of the anti-lockdown demonstrators, which itself is a sign of the overall demographic situation in Germany. If the covid cops tried such tactics in a crowd dominated by teenagers and twenty-somethings, they'd quickly be running for their lives. 

A lot of the anger is against the utter liberal hypocrisy of the Merkel regime and its mercenary thugs. 35,000 homosexualists were just allowed to parade through Berlin on a 'Pride' march, but anti-lockdown protesters were told that their planned protest would be a super-spreader plague event and ordered to stay off the streets. As you can see, huge numbers of them turned out anyway.

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