Country Music's Culture War

Country Music's Culture War

Rock n roll has been called "the Devil's music". It's certainly been used to promote every evil cause in recent history, from Communism to Satanism and abortion. In recent years, it has been an important weapon in the armoury of the LGBTQ brigade.

Country music, by contrast, has always a conservative genre. It primarily celebrated the ordinary (albeit in a uniquely American context): faith, family, and freedom. Rock and other modern musical genres were intentionally transgressive, but country music stood out as traditional.

But the cultural Marxist sexual revolution has now gone so far that even country music is under massive assault. To these revolutionaries, all resistance is dangerous, perhaps even heretical, and has to be eliminated. The transgressive views of an elite few on sexuality and human relationships are becoming increasingly ordinary, and country music is being manipulated and perverted to reflect that. 

Tyler Childers, recently did an interview for a profile on NPR in which he explained why he is using his country music to tell queer love stories. Kelsea Ballerini performed with drag queens at the CMT awards. Jason Aldean and his wife were targeted by liberal bigot young country stars for opposing transgender ideology. And “queer country songs” are increasingly the norm.
Country music has already gone through a transformation away from tradition over the past two decades – now it is transitioning completely. There are a handful of artists still committed to the old values, but they are consistently under fire if they dare to express their views. 

In many ways, the new (and vociferous) pro-LGBT or LGBT-identifying country stars are simply another example of what is happening across culture, be it literature, film, TV, children’s entertainment, or music. The LGBT movement has become an ascendant force, and their ideology has become ideology of most major social institutions. It was once frowned upon to openly defend alternative sexual lifestyles; it is now frowned upon to condemn them. The country music scene took longer to be ground down because it was rooted in a more conservative tradition – but it has changed nonetheless.

Our video, however, is a reminder that there are still plenty of real country singers out there....