Court Slaps Down Scottish Trans Madness

Court Slaps Down Scottish Trans Madness

Common sense from a British court at last! The UK Government acted lawfully in vetoing Holyrood’s anti-normal gender self-ID Bill, Scotland’s Outer House of the Court of Session has ruled.

In the Court’s decision, Judge Lady Haldane ruled that Westminster's Scottish Secretary Alister Jack ‘reasonably and lawfully’ blocked the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill in order to protect the integrity of UK-wide equalities legislation.

The proposals, which Scotland's  notoriously left-wing MSPs approved by 86 to 39 votes last December, sought to allow 16-year-olds to change their legal sex by self-declaration without a medical diagnosis, and reduce the waiting time for adults to "change sex" from two years to just three months.


Welcoming the judgment, Mr Jack said: “Following this latest Court defeat for the Scottish Government, their ministers need to stop wasting taxpayers’ money pursuing needless legal action and focus on the real issues which matter to people in Scotland – such as growing the economy and cutting waiting lists.”

The Scottish Government has reportedly spent almost £230,000 on the legal challenge, and has 21 days to decide whether to appeal the ruling. Polls show a clear majority of Scots want their local parliament to drop the nonsense altogether. 

First Minister Yousaf called the Court’s ruling “a dark day for devolution” before adding “We, of course, respect the Court’s judgment and will take time to consider its findings”.

He was backed by prominent trans-activist India Willoughby, who claimed the decision “stinks of The Establishment closing ranks behind the scenes”.

But on social media, many criticised the decision to ‘waste taxpayers’ money’ challenging ‘an open and shut case’, and called the ruling ‘a win for women, children and safeguarding’.