Covid Was Just the Beginning

Covid Was Just the Beginning

Just because Omicrom is now accepted as a waning 'threat', don't think that the global elite will back off from their campaign to loot and control the whole planet. In Britain at least, the whole lockdown agenda seems to be in full retreat. Even Scotland's Covid-obsessed Nicola Sturgeon has announced that the main restrictions are to be lifted.

But you only have to look at the openly stated aims of Klaus Schwab and his fellow WEF conspirators to see that we're still only at the beginning. They are determined to tag the whole 'human herd', and to carry out their Malthusian population reduction drive. If Covid-19 has outlived its usefulness as an excuse, they will simply find another.

Bill Gates and others are already warning of the threat from a future virus to help keep money pouring into Big Pharma research. Rest assured that we've not seen the last of hyped 'pandemics' as the driver for massive financial fraud and elite control power grabs. But while they wait for (or create) another suitable bug, it is clear that Schwab - and Johnson, Biden and all his other political allies - are switching their focus back to the equally fraudulent, and profitable, man-made climate change hoax.

If the current lifting of Covid restrictions and threats continues, we will surely see a rapid tailing off of the huge demonstrations which - though blanked by the controlled media - have filled our cities and helped unnerve the elite into backing off with their scamdemic agenda. It's a natural phenomenon, but a dangerous one.

Because the broad mass movement built around resistance to the Covid scamdemic is going to be needed to resist the wave of taxes and totalitarian control which is going to start hitting ordinary citizens in a series of sledgehammer blows from this April. Actually, the pain from this is already starting, but the soaring energy prices already seen are only a foretaste of what's to come as the global elite move to ensure that financial independence, car driving, affordable flights, warm houses and meat and dairy products become luxuries which only they, and their enforcers and bureaucrat collaborators, get to enjoy on a regular basis.

So while the lifting of Covid restrictions may lead to some protesters calling it a day and trying to go back to 'normality', we 21st century fighting Templars will keep working away to inform, organise and inspire the long-term resistance. The global elite will not stop, and their insane game of Jenga with the world's energy systems and supply chains is going to end in catastrophe. There is no avoiding this basic truth: The world is not going back to normal, it's going to Hell in a handcart. If you thought the Covid scamdemic was bad, wait til you see what they do next.

Or rather, don't wait. Prepare! Prepare to fight. Prepare to suffer. Prepare to survive. And prepare - in the end - to be part of the good Lord's final victory and vengeance against the Satanic-inspired monsters of the global elite!


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