Did May Just Hand Corbyn Keys To No. 10?

Did May Just Hand Corbyn Keys To No. 10?

Did Theresa May just hand over the keys to No. 10 Downing Street to the anti-British, Marxist, Islamophile Jeremy Corbyn?

Almost unnoticed in the fuss about Theresa May’s latest gamble in her bid to scupper Brexit is the fact that she has just legitimised Jeremy Corbyn as a serious, responsible politician.

With a General Election perhaps just around the corner, The fake-Conservative Prime Minister has just demolished the best defence the Tories and the country had against the utter disaster of a Corbyn regime – the clear evidence that he is totally incompetent, untrustworthy and dangerous.

For, if that was the case, why would the head of Her Majesty’s government invite him into the very heart of the Brexit negotiations? The move sends a huge strong to voters that either Corbyn is a responsible statesman and a safe pair of hands, or that Theresa May and the large part of the parliamentary Conservative party which is going along with her latest stunt, are reckless and themselves totally unfit to govern.

In either case, it all means that Corbyn’s chances of grabbing the keys to No. !0 just got very much better. If there’s one thing even worse than what she has already done to block Brexit, May’s role in putting the dangerous Marxist crank Corbyn into power could well be recorded by History as fitting the bill!