Ding Dong, The Witch is Going!

Ding Dong, The Witch is Going!

Many would prefer a different last word in the headline, but the fact that Jacinda Adhern has announced her resignation from the post of Covid Dictator of New Zealand is great news none the less.

Her resignation made no mention of the role of public pressure in pushing her out, but many commentators are pointing to the widely shared public loathing for her vax and lockdown tyranny as key factors in Adhern's bolt-from-the-blue resignation.

Others are asking if it is an early sign that the well-known 'Curse of Assad' has now been replaced by the 'Curse of Vlad'. For years, we have been treated to the ongoing spectacle of liberal world leaders who had demanded that "Assad must go", one by one themselves dying, resigning amidst scandal or being voted out of office.

With Bashir Assad having defeated the Jihadi invasion, the current liberal elite fantasy is that Vladimir Putin must and will be forced from power in Russia. The Adhern creature was one of the loudest in that chorus of hate, so her departure from the scene - while President Putin is still in power, hugely popular, and winning the war in the Ukraine - hints that the 'Curse of Vlad is only just beginning to become a 'thing'. We certainly hope to see Adhern's equivalents in other countries - ideally starting with Biden and Trudeau - falling victim to this most poetic justice in the near future as well. Deus vult!