At least half of all Disney characters to be LGBTQ or ethnic minorities

At least half of all Disney characters to be LGBTQ or ethnic minorities

The General entertainment president for Disney Karey Burke has called for 50 percent of characters and content to be from underrepresented groups.

Ms Burke announced the change at a company-wide Zoom call, vowing to increase representation of the LGBTQ community or from racial minorities.


The Disney executive remarked that the changes reflected her personal life, saying: "I'm here as the mother of two queer children, actually, one transgender child and one pansexual child, and also as a leader."

The campaign will be called 'Reimagine Tomorrow' and pledges that "by 2022, 50 percent of regular and recurring characters across Disney General Entertainment scripted content will come from underrepresented groups."

The Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Disney Parks, Vivian Ware, has also spoken out about changes in the theme parks where visitors are no longer greeted as "ladies and gentleman, boys and girls" but instead as "dreamers" and "friends".

Ms Burke said: "I have heard so much from so many of my colleagues over the past few weeks in open forums, through emails and phone conversations.

"I feel a responsibility to speak not just for myself but also for [my kids]."

Christopher F. Rufo, conservative journalist from Manhattan Institute's City Journal, leaked a video of the online Disney meeting on Twitter.

Disney will also re-add a kissing scene between two women in the upcoming spin off to 'Toy Story' called 'Lightyear'.