The Greatest Electronic Christian Project Ever [video]

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The Greatest Electronic Christian Project Ever [video]

The Chosen is shaping up to be the greatest Christian movie phenomenon of all time. Season 1 of the true story of the life of Jesus Christ has already become the biggest crowd-funding initiative in history, with more than 75,000 people giving a total of $10 Million to fund its stunningly professional production.

Season 2 saw the same amount raised thanks to donations from more than 125,000 people, with 86% of those who helped fund Series 1 being so pleased with the results that they chipped in to help Series 2 as well. Crowd-funding for series 3 is now underway and the Templars urge everyone who can afford it to lend this wonderful project a hand.

So far, there have been more than 160 million viewings, though the producers are aiming for a staggering one billion views once the planned ten series are complete.

Thanks to the generosity of the crowd-funders, The Chosen is available to watch, anywhere in the world, for free (though, of course, donations and help with funding further series are very welcome indeed). A simple search online will bring up the format you need to play it on your preferred media, including PC and i-phone.

Here's the link to the show as posted by producers Revelation Media:

Watch it and please, please, pass it on!


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