Endgame of UK Vaccine Horror in Sight

Endgame of UK Vaccine Horror in Sight

Having wrecked the country over a flu virus with a 99.7% survival rate (despite being very dangerous to people already at death's door), the Johnson regime in Britain is positioning itself for its most dangerous move so far. Despite the fact that children and teenagers are more likely to be struck by lightning than killed by Covid, the government is moving towards forcing them all to be injected with an untried, new technology, vaccine which the makers have specifically said could destroy their fertility.


As usual, you wouldn't know it if you believed the fake news media or accepted the assurances of the regime. Indeed, the Government yesterday dismissed the possibility of vaccinating secondary school pupils. This, however, is the same government which just a week ago promised not to 'cancel Christmas', then went ahead and did just that four days later.

And the Daily Mail - the most lockdown-sceptic of all the UK papers, reported yesterday that, even while denying the sinister child vaccination scheme, the government is already working on it:

"Experts on the Government's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) have now asked The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation - the UK's vaccine authority which is responsible for drawing-up the priority lists for the Covid jab - to model plans for a mass immunisation programme in secondary schools."

Questioned about this, a government spokesman didn't deny the plan, but merely said that the UK's vaccine stash will be prioritised for the elderly and clinically vulnerable on the first instance. A No. 10 spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘We have always said that we will prioritise those with the most clinical need and that remains the case.’  In other words, they have no objection in principle to injecting teenagers with a totally unnecessary and potentially disastrous vaccine, they simply won't be the first to get it.

Britain's appalling Health Minister, Matt Hancock, has fuelled speculation over government plans for schools by saying he would 'not to rule anything out'. In the first instance he was primarily talking about school closures, but it will only take one WHO 'expert' to announce that children and teenagers are 'super-spreaders' and global elite puppet governments all over the world will move to vaccinating - and possibly sterilising - millions of schoolchildren and teenagers.

Americans have been protected from the worst of lockdown lunacy up until now, but the senile puppet Joe Biden has already signalled that his operators intend to plunge the USA into UK and European levels of lockdown, destroying businesses and the physical and mental health of millions. On both counts - forced vaccinations and nation-wrecking lockdowns - you have been warned!