Epstein Hoax: This Was No ‘Suicide’!

Epstein Hoax: This Was No ‘Suicide’!

If anyone believes that this was really suicide, they need to wise up! Jeffrey Epstein was the front man for a long-running Mossad entrapment operation designed to catch powerful Western public figures so they could be blackmailed into ‘loyal’ support for the state of Israel.

But once he was caught for his crimes against underage girls, Epstein became an embarrassment to his former masters. Si, just like happened to Robert Maxwell (who was the front man in another Mossad operation, designed to influence public opinion in Britain at a time when it was still a really important country on the world stage) when he also became a liability, it was time for ‘suicide’.

Whether they will be able to bury the scandal with Epstein, thereby keeping most of the blackmail targets ‘safe’ and in their influential positions, only time will tell. But with Bill Clinton being one of the best known, it’s a reasonably safe bet that the combined power of the Clinton mafia and the Mossad not only saw Epstein off, but will also manage to put the lid back on.

Still, Epstein is now in hell where he has long belonged, and the blatant faking of his suicide will have woken up another wave of former innocents, so all in all, it’s a result!

One thing is absolutely certain: Donald Trump was canny and decent enough to avoid Epstein’s honeypot trap. For if he had fallen into it, you can be absolutely certain that Epstein would still be alive!