EU Forcing LGBTQ on Third World

EU Forcing LGBTQ on Third World

November 15, 2023, is the day when the liberal-left Brussels Empire is set to impose Sodomy on much of the world. It is the day set aside by the European Union (EU) to force or bribe African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) countries into signing the deceptively and euphemistically crafted LGBT agreement between the EU and ACP countries.

Over the past few months, several meetings have been convened between the EU and ACP parliamentarians aimed at getting ACP leaders to sign the controversial LGBT agreement. 

If the ACP governments succumb to the EU’s intimidation and sign this agreement, it will spell doom for the ACP countries. Why? Because the agreement is primarily aimed at the homosexualization and LGBTization of ACP countries. This agreement, which takes the form of a treaty, is deceptively and deviously worded to impose the EU’s LGBT agenda on ACP countries.

If the agreement is signed, it will automatically override thee Constitutions and national sovereignties of the ACP countries. The LGBT agreement has been so craftily worded that, once signed by the ACP countries, the agreement automatically supersedes their respective domestic laws and establishes LGBT as their new law.

It isn't just the European elite that is obsessed with the 'values' of Sodom and Gomorrah. U.S. President Joe Biden has made LGBT rights the centrepiece of American foreign policy. This is why Biden has ordered that the American flag be flown alongside the “Pride” flag, portraying America as an LGBT-friendly country. The US government is now persecuting Uganda for enacting anti-homosexual laws.

In recent remarks, Biden has claimed that LGBT rights are universal international law.