EU Throws UK Remainers Under The Bus!

EU Throws UK Remainers Under The Bus!

The most notorious liberal Europhile in the EU’s Parliament has come out openly and admitted that he and others in the Brussels elite inner circle are seriously considering throwing their UK Remain allies under the Brexit bus.


The Eurocrats are coming round to the idea that it could well be better than risking a block of Euro-skeptic MEPs elected by angry Brits shifting the balance of power to the right in the next parliament.

Yesterday Guy Verhofstadt, the EU Parliament’s Brexit co-ordinator, told MEPs: “We cannot risk giving the keys of the EU’s future to a Boris Johnson, or a Michael Gove, the architects of this Brexit disaster. A long extension would do exactly that.”

This analysis is exactly the position revealed by our own Hidden Templar, in a video made last week with the help of our Intelligence and research team.

Verhofstadt is, of course, using the names of Johnson and Gove – who are not MEPs – as code for ‘Nigel Farage’, who would certainly be returned as an MEP again if Britain does contest the EU elections, and who would be hugely infuential there as a result.

Right-wing eurosceptics are set to dominate the polls in France and Italy, Nigel Farage could return to Brussels and the fight to become Jean-Claude Juncker’s successor could turn nasty – a growing list of potential disasters await the upcoming European elections. Matteo Salvini’s League are set to return the largest number of seats in Italy and Marine Le Pen’s National Rally is in a close battle to win the top spot from Emmanuel Macron’s La Republique En Marche in France.

Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Sweden and Spain are among the swathe of EU vassal states also set to return greatly increased numbers of Euro-skeptic MEPs after the elections of 22nd May. The addition of a large posse of furious British Brexiteers could well be the factor that tipped the balance against the leftist alliance which has dominated the Brussels parliament since its creation.

This is still not a done deal.  Verhofstadt and all the rest would all still prefer it if Theresa May’s Remain-in-all-but-name hoax somehow manages to scrape through in Westminster. But if Britain’s democracy-denying MPs think that they can kick the can down the road, and that Brussels will permit a delay under which Britain takes part in the Euro-elections, they could all be in for a truly terrible shock!