Exposed: The Military-Industrial Complex

Exposed: The Military-Industrial Complex

F-35 disaster: The point is to spend money … to send it to Lockheed Pierre Sprey, the “father” of the air power that makes the US makes great today, has issued a crushing verdict on the so highly acclaimed Lockheed Martin F-35. The aviation technology genius has slammed the plane as a second-rate failure whose real purpose is not to defend America, but to make money for Lockheed Martin and the politicians the military-industrial complex bribes to rattle sabres and boost defence spending.

Pierre Sprey was born in Nice in 1937; his family fled to the USA in 1940, when he was 3 years old, to escape the Nazis who occupied France. There he worked as an analyst and programme organiser in the Ministry of Defense. The now legendary Fairchild A10 “Warthog” are from a programme that he initiated. The German combat pilot Colonel Rudel helped develop the A10. he was very intensively involved in programs such as the F-16, and was critically involved with the F-15. When he talks about planes and their ability to fight, he knows what he’s talking about.

From minute 03:45 of the vdieo below, assesses Sprey: “it’s hopeless in a dogfight.” You can guarantee that a 1950s designed MiG 21 or a Mirage, will just hopelessly whip the F-35. In dogfighting it (the F35) is hopeless. You can assume that, guaranteed, the MiG 21 or the French Mirage, developed in the 1950s, will hopelessly outmaneuver the F-35.”

“From minute 07:30,” Pierre Sprey says in response to a question. “The point is to spend money. This is the mission of the airplane. It is for Congress to send money to Lockheed. This is the true mission of the aircraft.”

These shocking revelations should also make all sensible people pause and think as to why so many politicians in the USA and its satellites such as Britain seem determined to create a vicious new Cold War with Russia, despite the fact that – in Syria – Russia has done so much to help crush ISIS and Al Qaeda, evil forces with which we are all supposed to be at war.